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Geospatial Analysis via EarthMap ( is a web application that is complementary to FL-WES in that it can be used to conduct geospatial analyses for selected FL-WES project locations. Specifically, EarthMap can be used to help inform and populate project context variables in the FL-WES tool (see left pane). The options provided below will allow you to select FL-WES project locations you would like to analyse and global data layers you would like to initially view in EarthMap.

Note: EarthMap is integrated with Google Earth Engine (GEE). In order to use EarthMap, FL-WES users must be logged into a Google account that has been approved for use with GEE.

1. Select Project Locations

Please select one or more project locations (polygons) below to include in your EarthMap analysis. Note that if you do not have any locations associated with the current project, you may add location polygons to the map using the options in the "Manage Project Locations" section.

2. Select EarthMap Layers (optional)

Optionally, you may select one or more layers (below) to be shown by default in your EarthMap view. Regardless of the selections you make here, you may add/remove layers once you are working in the EarthMap tool.

2. Launch EarthMap

Once you have selected your desired locations and layers, click the button provided below to generate a custom EarthMap link that can be opened in a new browser tab.